Monday, August 29, 2011

Corn Bread

I have wanted to try making corn bread (or cone breyed as we like to call it around here) for quite a while.  I just never felt like I had a good reason to make it, and I always forgot to buy corn meal.  We planned to make beef stew for supper tonight and I thought this would be a good opportunity to try making some corn bread on the side.  I was impressed with how easy it is to make.  I chose to use a recipe I found online and as per the suggestions in the reviews, I cut back on the amount of sugar the recipe called for.  I think that corn bread should have some sweetness, but I think I may have used too much because as we were eating supper, Jay commented that it kind of felt like he was eating a cupcake with his stew.  I think next time I make it (to go with soup or chili or something) that I would really cut back the sugar and maybe go for a more savory corn bread.  Maybe add some cheese, or some chili powder or diced jalapeno peppers.  I love trying new recipes :)

1 comment:

Jay said...

I liked your cone breyad, sweetie! We need to find more things it could accompany.