Friday, August 26, 2011

Heart of Life

This song really resounded with me this week.  The line that really stuck out to me was "Bad news never had good timing". 

Little Oliver came down with a cold/cough this week.  In his weakened state, and with his reduced ability to swallow and deal with extra phlegm, it could be the type of thing that his little body can't fight off.  When I got the email from Karen that said "This could be the beginning of the end..."  I couldn't help but cry and think not yet.  As much as I don't want to see Oliver suffer, and knowing he is going to die sooner than any child should, it is still going to be so tough for his family to lose him.  I was so glad to hear that he is doing a lot better today.   

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Karen said...

He seems to be doing so much better. I'm hoping that come tomorrow he will be at.. oh, 85% - maybe more! I think he's pretty sore from coughing so much though.