Thursday, December 16, 2010

30ish Day Blog Challenge - Days 23 and 24

My favorite vacation.....

I have to say that I really enjoy travelling with Jason. Being that his van is set up so that only he can drive it (ie no driver's seat) he has to do all the driving. For some reason I have never been able to sleep while travelling, so it works out well. Jay has to do all the driving (I wish I could help with that sometimes), but I am constantly awake to visit and change CDs and get him snacks. We have considered going into the USA for summer holidays next year, but not sure where might be fun to go. I would like to go further than the typical cross-border shoppers, but I also don't want to spend two days driving to spend a day or two shopping. I guess we should start doing some research if we want to do that.

Something I have learned.....

With the laptop being on the fritz, I have learned that it is much easier to get housework done without the distraction of a computer. Not sure what I did to procrastinate before computers became such a bit part of my life. I guess probably talking on the phone and maybe reading or watching tv.

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Karen said...

You procrastinated by writing me notes. Do kids even do that anymore? You pretty much gave me a note every day. LONG ones too.

Now we just chat instead.

Maybe we'd get more done if we texted. Cuz then we wouldn't have to sit in front of the computer. You could stand with a mop in the crook of our arm while we text eachother.