Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stinkin' Computer!

I hate how much I have come to depend on this little machine in front of me. Computers seem to rule our lives. Not in the artificial intelligence sort of way....but it's hard to think of not having access to a computer and internet in our homes. I love the ability to go look up an obscure detail that Jason and I can't think when we are getting ready for bed at 11pm. We don't have to wait for anything anymore.

Anyway.....I just have to say that I believe this computer might be on it's way out. I don't know what happened, but it is misbehaving! About a week ago it told me there was some sort of threat of a virus so after removing some bogus anti-virus software, we thought we were good. However this machine has been very temperamental in the last week. It may be time to get a new computer. I am thankful that prices seem to keep coming down. I definitely do not need anything fancy, so probably for a couple hundred dollars we should be able to fix me up with an adequate machine for my limited computing needs.


Karen said...

Desktop or laptop?

Angie said...


Karen said...

I've got a little 13", and I think it's perfect.