Friday, December 10, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 21

A picture of me....

I decided that this year for Christmas/Birthday I would save the money I get (assuming I get some....) and buy a new, dressier, winter coat. I found this jacket a month or so ago at Sport Chek. After trying it on, I immediately liked it. I took Jay back to show him and get his opinion and he liked it too. I tried to be patient to go buy it, but one day I was back at the mall and poked my head into Sport Chek only to find that there was only one left and it was the wrong size. I was concerned that I had missed my chance at owning this very fine looking jacket. I decided to check out the other Sport Chek in the city and found that they only had ONE in my size. I made a decision to snap it up and any Christmas/Birthday money I will get will go toward paying off our credit card bill. I have worn it a number of times in some pretty cold weather with just a T-shirt on underneath and it is so nice and warm.

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CH said...

Your jacket looks great!!