Monday, December 06, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 18

Something you regret....

I think regret is a strong word. However, I have to say I am curious what my life would look like had I chosen a different path to follow out of high school. When I was in grade 12 and I applied to the U of S (because I assumed that smart people went to university....the not so smart ones went to SIAST...I know that is terribly untrue, but that is what I thought way back then when I was 17). I was interested in nursing and physiotherapy, however, I was scared after spending the better part of my school career in classes with close friends, to step out on my own. I decided to take commerce because my good friend was taking it. She recently told me that she took it because I was taking it. So really, I have no idea how we came to choose to take commerce considering neither of us were really that interested in it!

I was the type of student who breezed through high school. I barely had to study. Of course I did my homework and assignments but I easily maintained an 85%+ overall average. When I hit university I did not know how to study properly. I wasn't too familiar with having to take my own notes, and I did not really enjoy being a face in a crowd of a hundred (or more) students in the first year classes. I wonder, had I applied to nursing or physio, if I would have fared better, being more interested in the subject matter. Or would I have struggled the same as I did in commerce because my study habits were not up to snuff.

I think I regret going through three years of university and nearly flunking out of my third year. I wasted a whole lot of my grandparents money, and I regret doing so poorly. I wish I would have done better, so when I looked into taking nursing a year or so ago, that I hadn't ruined my chances of applying because my grades were so low. I also wish I would have had a more positive view of SIAST because I really do think that there would have been a few programs there that would have interested me in high school, but because of my bias I didn't even consider it.

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