Thursday, October 16, 2008

Spring Roll Recipe

I am going to attempt to post the recipe from the spring rolls I made the other night (at the request of Jyl). I have not received the actual recipes from Sous Chef yet, but I recreated them to the best of my knowledge and they tasted good, so I must have done it right.

Ingredients (I can't say how much of each I used really, just the right amount that looked or tasted right):
rice wrappers (I have seen them at Superstore, but got them from a Chinese grocery store this time)
vermicelli noodles
uncooked peeled shrimp (or chicken, pork or beef, or whatever meat you might like to have)
bean sprouts
carrots, shredded
fresh mint leaves (I didn't know where to get these, so I used cilantro which was good too)
fresh lime juice
fish sauce

Start a pot of water boiling and in the meantime shred some carrots, wash some bean sprouts, peel shrimp if necessary. Once boiling put noodles in water until cooked (vermicelli cooks very quickly). Take out and run under cold water to cool. Put more water on to boil. While that is heating up, drain and cut up noodles (scissors work well). Add shredded carrot to noodles and mix up. Add juice of at least one lime (more if you like it limey-er) some fish sauce and some sugar until it tastes good. You could add more or less of each, or something completely different it is totally up to your tastes. Once the second pot is boiling throw in the peeled, raw shrimp for a few seconds until they turn pink and are cooked. Scoop them out and put them into a bath of ice water to stop the cooking and to chill them. Once cooled cut each shrimp in half (lengthwise) so they are thinner and easier to roll (and fewer shrimp go further). Now you should be ready to set up an assembly line. Take a rice wrapper and dip it in a bowl of warm/hot water until somewhat pliable and lay down on a cutting board. (I used two wrappers for each because a lot of them have holes or cracks in them) Put 3 or 4 shrimp on the wrapper about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom. Put some noodles on top, add a few bean sprouts, then put a couple of mint leaves (or cilantro leaves) on top of that and roll up. It may take a few tries to get it right because the rice wrappers are a little tricky. Repeat until you run out of ingredients. I just made them until I ran out of shrimp (I think I made about 10-12 rolls). You could make them vegetarian if you like, or like I said any meat you would prefer as long as you slice it thin.

I also made peanut sauce to go with them. I used this recipe and it was okay. I will admit that you would probably be better off buying some natural unsweetened peanut butter because the sauce was quite sweet. I didn't use coconut milk, just extra water and it was quite runny. The flavor was okay, but I might look for a different recipe next time.

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