Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We may be converted yet!

To Superstore shoppers that is. After we got married we started shopping at the brand new Extra Foods store a few blocks away from our home. I appreciated the lower prices, but felt that at times we were sacrificing quality when it came to things like produce and overall selection. I have never enjoyed shopping at Superstore though because it's so big, and unfamiliar and that whole having to buy or bring your own bags and bag your own groceries. A week or two ago we decided to go to Superstore. It is really just as close to our place now as the old Extra Foods was. We also decided to buy some plastic baskets so we wouldn't have to worry about bagging our groceries or buying bags (I never remember to bring any along). It worked quite well. I have found in the past that the baggers at Extra Foods tend to squish bread and overfill bags so they are way too heavy. This way I can arrange it how I like in a basket or two AND we are doing our part for the environment. I also like Superstore's Asian food aisle. After taking my Thai cooking class last week I decided yesterday that I was goign to make us some rolls for supper. I set out to Superstore and found all but two items that I needed to make them. After making a quick stop at a Chinese grocery store on 8th St. I carried on home and proceeded to spend the next two hours preparing, assembling, eating and washing dishes from some very tasty rolls (with home made peanut sauce). Yum!

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