Thursday, October 16, 2008

Google Analytics

I was looking at my report tonight for the last month and thought it was pretty cool that I have had visitors here from Malaysia, Australia, France, Great Britain, the USA and Canada. Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads this space. I know I read a lot of blogs and I don't always leave comments, but I do often comment, and people wonder where I came from, and who I am. Sometimes I randomly follow links from other people's blogs until I come across something worth reading. Or occasionally I read an interesting comment on someone else's blog and follow the links that way. I had over 600 visits to this site in the last month. I am not sure exactly how many of those visits were me, or if it takes that stuff into account. I would imagine it does. I think I am getting close to 700 posts, and in January it'll be FIVE years since I started blogging. I know that this blog is not the most exciting blog to read, however, I find it quite interesting to randomly pick an archive link and see what I was up to in a certain month of the last four or five years.

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