Friday, March 20, 2015

Seven Months Old

Fiona is seven months old!  I am not sure where the last few months have gone.  It has been quite amazing to watch her grow and change.  Some days I still can't quite wrap my head around the fact that I am a mom.

At seven months, Fiona is sitting up quite well.  She is rolling with purpose.  She is trying to crawl, but hasn't quite gotten the coordination to get on her hands and knees at the same time.

After a few weeks of crankiness and poor sleep, she has two little teeth that have come through the gums and are growing.  I hope it is a couple more months or so until she starts working on some more teeth.  It is nice to have my happy girl back!

She is full of babbles.  I love to hear her little 'ba ba ba'.  I look forward to hearing mama and dada from her.  I am sure it will be a little while before that happens.  She has also gotten quite proficient at blowing raspberries and smacking her lips.  I am glad that she does not seem to be as shrieky.  That was a difficult period.  A lot of evening headaches after listening to those ear piercing shrieks all day long.

She has decided that spoon feeding is not so bad, so we have done a combination of spoon feeding and baby led weaning.  She does really well with soft cooked chunks of veggies, fruit and meat.  I think she prefers soft chunks to chew over purees.  I hope in the next month or so that she will figure out her pincer grasp then she can start enoying more finger foods.

She enjoys her bath time and loves to splash in the tub.  She sometimes even tries to drink the bath water, haha.  We have registered for swimming lessons during the months of April and May and I think she will enjoy time in the pool.

She has started to 'make strange' a bit and has been a bit more clingy to me.  It is sad to see her cry, but I know that when she is well looked after, it probably isn't the worst thing for her to cry a bit.  I just feel bad for the people who are looking after her. 

It has been so fun to see bits of her personality start to come through.  I look forward to seeing more and more of it as time goes on.

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