Monday, February 09, 2015

On the Move

Fiona rolled over for the first time when she was around three months old.  She has done it occasionally since then.  I wondered if she would ever decide that she liked rolling, or figure out she could roll places....and in the last week or so she has just taken off with her rolling.  Not that she can get anywhere very fast, but if you put her down, she will roll.  It is truely amazing how quickly babies change and grow and develop. 

I am certain that Fiona has just had a bit of a growth spurt.  Suddenly most of her 6 month sized sleepers and onesies are too short in the sleeve.  I put her in a 9 month sleeper for bed last night and it fit quite comfortably with a bit of room to spare.  She is such a tall skinny girl.  It is going to be tough to find clothes that fit her well.  It seems that some brands cater to short chubby babies, and others do a better job with the tall skinny ones.  At this point 6 month pants are way too short on her, and the 9 month pants are a good length but are too big in the waste.  I am finding that Carter's clothes tend to fit her best.  Walmart and Joe Fresh brands tend to be pretty bad. 

Her eating has been going well.  I think her absolute favorite so far has been cucumber.  I am not sure if that is because she likes it, or if it is just kind of the perfect texture that she can easily hold on to, but still chew bits off of.  She has pretty well flat out refused spoon feeding though I expected to do a bit of spoon feeding along with finger foods....I guess finger foods it will be.  It will be a bit limited until she masters her pincer grip (thumb and pointer finger)....hopefully in another month or so.  So far she has tried carrot, broccoli, cucumber, sweet potato, chicken, beef, egg, snap peas, bell peppers, avocado, apple, banana, oatmeal, rice crackers, toast, pineapple....I think that is it.  I tried to give  her a taste of our curried chickpea soup on Saturday but she didn't want me to spoon feed her....I got a tiny bit in her mouth, and I think maybe that was a bit too intense of a flavor considering most of what she has tried so far is pretty bland.

Tonight Fiona is spending the night at my mom and dad's house.  I think they are excited to have her, especially since she is such a good little sleeper.  I hope she is good for them!  Jason and I wanted an evening to go out for supper and just spend some time together.  It is kind of strange to be here without her.....I do miss her a bit....but it is a nice break.   

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