Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Fiona Lily

Our amazing, beautiful daughter was born on August 20th at 10:53am.  Though her birth was not exactly what we envisioned, we are so glad she is here, and that she is healthy.

We arrived at the hospital on Wednesday the 20th at 8am and checked in.  Then we got to wait and wait and wait.  Basically before 9:30 all that happened was someone took my blood pressure, listened to the baby's heart beat and felt my tummy and let me know that it felt like my baby had 2 bums (thanks lady :P).  We finally got moved into an OR holding room where I changed into a gown, and they gave me a quick ultrasound to make sure baby had not flipped head down since our previous ultrasound.  I was a bit relieved that she hadn't moved at this point, as I was mentally prepared for the c-section by now.  We met the surgical team and I was taken to the OR to get my spinal anesthesia and get set up.  Jason had to wait in the holding room until I was all ready to go.  He was told it would be 15 minutes and said after half an hour he was getting a bit worried, but everything was okay.

It was kind of an odd feeling to walk into the OR.  Everyone was really kind and friendly, and helped me to feel at ease as much as I could.  The spinal was an interesting experience.  Once it had been injected I would say that almost immediately my left leg started to feel warm and tingly.  It didn't take too long before my right leg caught up, and they got me up onto the operating table while I still had some control over my legs.  I felt like I was doing well, then suddenly I started to feel very nauseous and light headed.  Apparently my blood pressure had dropped so they gave me a shot of something in my IV and it brought my blood pressure back up and I felt a lot better, even though my heart was racing a bit as a result of whatever they had given me.  Once they knew that I was well numbed, the nurse inserted a catheter into my bladder, which I didn't feel, and I think it was shortly after this that Jason was allowed to join me.

With the spinal anesthesia, you can feel touch and pressure but not pain.  There was part of me that was anxious that once they started cutting that I might feel something.  But it was soon aparent with all the pulling and tugging and pressure that they had begun and I couldn't feel it.  It was really strange that all of a sudden I knew that they had the baby out...just a really odd sensation.  Then I heard her cry for the first time.  Everyone in the operating room commented how big she was.  But no one actually said 'she' or 'girl' or 'her'.  So eventually I asked, is it a girl or a boy.  So after all those months of not fully believing that it is a girl, we got our girl :)

I got to hold her as they stitched me back up, and then when they moved me to the recovery room.  Still hard to believe that I am suddenly a mom, and this sweet little baby is mine.

I don't have any photos uploaded right now, so if you would like to see some top notch photos of Fiona, head over to Jay Scott Photography!

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