Monday, August 18, 2014

41 weeks and 2 days - We have some news, but still no baby

I got a call yesterday afternoon that I could go to the hospital to be induced in the afternoon.  The call came later in the day than I was expecting.  I thought they would call in the morning, and by the time the afternoon rolled around I assumed I would be called today instead.  I decided that because I was ONLY 8 days overdue yesterday that I would tell them no, and give my body another day to try to go into labour. 

I got a call this morning and was told that they had 10 inductions scheduled and wouldn't be able to get me today.  However, my OB wanted me to come in for an ultrasound to check on the baby's wellbeing to make sure it was okay to put induction off for another day.  We went to the hospital for 10am and didn't have to wait too long to be called in.  I think it was the same ultrasound tech who did my anatomy scan back in March.  All business.  My doctor came in part way through the ultrasound and told us that our baby is frank breech, which means the baby's bum is down instead of the head.  She also told us that our baby is big....she said she would estimate at least 9.5lbs!  She said because of the size of the baby, it would be difficult to try and turn the baby manually, and that it would be too risky to attempt a vaginal delivery (I didn't even think that was an option anymore?!).

So, I guess a c-section it is.  It is disappointing.  Knowing that this may be our only pregnancy, and that I may  never get to experience labour and vaginal birth.  But, I am just glad to know that the baby is big and healthy, and we will get through this.  We have lots of support from friends and family and this baby and her mama will be well looked after.

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