Thursday, August 14, 2014

40w5d - Impatiently waiting

We are still here, baby is staying put for now.  I know it is not uncommon for babies, especially first time babies to go overdue, but we are ready and tired of waiting. 

I was at the doctor on Monday.  She checked me and I had not progressed at all from the previous week.  I am still not really having contractions.  The occasional braxton hick contraction and a bit of light cramping.  That is it. 

The doctor talked to me about induction.  They like to start the process about 9 days past the due date because it can take a day or two to get labour started (and they don't like moms to go past 42 weeks).  So she sent a letter to the hospital for Sunday or Monday of next week.  She said that occasionally if they aren't too busy they will do inductions over the weekend, but that I would most likely expect to get called in on Monday or Tuesday.  They can only take a certain number of inductions each day, and if other people have higher priority (ie pregnant ladies with complications) they will push you back a day or two if you and baby are still doing well.  So, if I am still pregnant come Sunday/Monday I am sure we will be on pins and needles waiting to find out when I will go in. 

I was not keen on the idea of induction a few weeks ago, but now that we have gotten this far, I am ready.  I am aware that each day that passes this baby continues to grow, and still has to come out somehow.  I think the only upside to not going into labour, and needing to be induced is that my doctor should be back from her week off and should be the one calling the shots, even if I don't see her until the moment the baby arrives (if the baby is born during the day, ha). 

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