Saturday, August 09, 2014

40 weeks!

Today is my due date.  I would say that so far there are not any signs that this baby will be on time. 

At my appointment on Tuesday the doctor checked me and found that I was 1cm dilated and so offered to strip my membranes.  I figured why not, so I let her.  It was not pleasant, and I may have screamed a little.  It does not seem to have done anything.  Other than a bit of cramping, it was a wasted effort.  I found out at my appointment that my doctor will be away this coming week, so I have an appointment with one of her partners on Monday (if the baby doesn't come by then....) and I imagine I will let her strip my membranes again.  I really would prefer to not have to be induced....but I don't think that would come up until at least the following week (maybe around the 19th or 20th).

It is a strange place to be....knowing that this baby could arrive today, or possibly not for a week or so yet.  We are really trying to just keep living life (though I do spend a lot of time with my feet up, or napping these days) instead of waiting around twidding our thumbs.

My biggest complaints these days would be deteriorating sleep quality (get used to it, right?!), fatigue, sore/stiff hands, some swelling in my feet and hands, growing belly (I can tell this baby is growing and getting stronger), frequent and urgent needs to pee (I am usually up 3-5 times each night).

I really do hope that I have this baby within the next week....but I know that she knows when the right time is.  So I will try to be patient :)

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