Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Two months left!

Yesterday was two months until our estimated due date!

We started our prenatal classes last week and had our second class last night.  We just have one more class next week and that focuses more on post-partum information. 

Our class last night talked mostly about labour and how to find comfort through the pain, by either natural methods (ie breathing, position changes, heat, etc) or through medical means (ie epidural, narcotics, etc).  We also talked about different medical interventions that may be needed such as induction, assisted delivery with suction/foreceps, csection, etc.  There was a lot of information, but I was familiar with most of it. 

I think the more I learn about labour and birth, the more I wonder how mine will go.  Will I go overdue, or will our baby show up early?  Will I be able to cope with labour pain with the support of my husband and doula, or will I need some drugs to help?  Will my body progress through labour and delivery as it should, or will I need to have drugs to intensify the contractions?  Will I be able to push the baby out, or will I need a c-section?

I have been asked by our doula, and by my doctor about any concerns/fears about labour and birth.  I know how powerful the mind is, and that if you have fears that you hang on to it can hinder your progress through labour and birth.  I think at this point my biggest fear is to go through a lengthy labour and then need a c-section.  I hope that if some reason arrises for me to need a csection, that it will come to light before I have been in labour for 40 hours.  But I know that we can't control what happens....so of course I want a healthy baby and a healthy me, when all is said an done.  I am just really curious about how this little one will make her entrance into the world.  Hopefully she will take it easy on her mom :)

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