Monday, June 30, 2014

Six weeks to go?!

Time continues to fly by.  I think before we know it this baby will be here.  I don't expect to necessarily have the baby early but the next few weeks will disappear before we know it.

I am officially done work.  I am not feeling too bad, but work was getting more difficult.  I could, and maybe will still do an occasional treatment in the next couple of weeks (if anyone calls), but it will be a very casual, client by client decision.

I have been busy working on getting clothes washed and organized.  I have been whittling away at the shopping list of things to get before the baby arrives and the list is getting shorter and shorter.  However, it seems that every time I leave the house I come home with $60 or $70 worth of stuff.

We had maternity photos taken last week, and after a week of rain we did have a lovely sunny day to do some outdoor shots.  Unfortunately, one of our locations, the Zoo, was really muddy with lots of puddles, so we were a bit limited in our selection of spots to shoot.  We got to see one of the photos as a sneak peek, and it looks great.  I can't wait to see the rest.  I am also looking forward to some newborn photos once our little one arrives. 

At 34 weeks pregnant, I think my biggest complaints are decreasing sleep quality and foot pain.  I really expected to have more back pain by this point, but I feel like my foot pain usually causes me to rest before my back does.  I am feeling like most of my shoes are getting snug and I am wondering if it would be worth investing in a good pair of supportive sandals.  I feel like my running shoes still fit pretty well, and allow me to be on my feet longer, but it's getting trickier to get down to tie them....and who wants to be stuck wearing runners in the summer.

I had a prenatal appointment this morning and as usual everything is looking good.  The doctor is pleased with my blood pressure, weight gain (I have gained around 30lbs!  eek), and the measurement of my tummy.  At my last few appointments, the doctor has figured the baby's head is down, and with all the hiccups I feel down in my lower tummy, I would agree.  I also have been getting a lot of pushing/pressure/stretching in my right side, that I am pretty sure is caused by little feet.  I wouldn't call it painful, but there are times it startles me, and occasionally it catches a rib which is not very nice.  My next appointment is in two weeks then after that I will see her every week until the baby decides to make an appearance!

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