Saturday, November 24, 2012

I sure have dropped the ball :P

I haven't blogged in a long time.  Wow. 

Maybe I should do another one of those 30 day blog challenges.  But then I feel obligated and the quality of the content takes a dip (because seriously, when I am inspired to write, it's pure gold :P).

Christmas is sneaking up on us again.  Tomorrow is one month until the 'big day'.  We did a large chunk of our shopping yesterday.  I think I only have to shop for my nephews and one other gift that we know what we are getting, just haven't picked it up yet.

This year must be the least amount of shopping we have ever had to do.  My family decided to just forgo gifts and we were instructed that if we would like we could make a donation, or just buy ourselves a gift.  I honestly don't mind because it usually comes down to asking the person what they want and going out and buying exactly what they want.  And really, where is the fun in that?

Jay and I have decided to only buy each other one small gift to open on Christmas morning (otherwise Christmas morning at home, with just the two of us is kind of boring....), and we are going to shop for some good deals on a new TV on boxing day/week and treat ourselves to a nice new TV.  It's amazing when you think about getting a TV you think, oh, maybe just a little bigger than what we have.  I think ours is a 28 or 30 inch.  I was thinking maybe 42 inch.  Then you go into the store and look at them, and I honestly think we will probably end up getting a 55 or 60 inch now.  I figure we do most of our watching from our kitchen anyway, so we need a good size to be able to see it, haha.  And our eyes are only going to get worse over the years, right?!  If that's the reasoning, maybe we should just jump straight to the 80 inch.  Then when I sit on the couch and watch a movie it will feel like being a movie theatre!

I had thought about putting up the Christmas tree today.  But I think I would enjoy doing it more next week.  I have been feeling a bit 'blah' lately, and I think I would rather put up the tree once I am feeling more cheerful.  I am starting to feel a bit more optimistic about life and Christmas, so I think next Saturday, December 1st, Christmas (decorations) will arrive in the Finkbeiner household!   

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