Sunday, November 25, 2012

Good Friends

For about the last year I have been getting together on a pretty regular basis with my good friends, Karen and Arleen.  We probably plan a get together about twice per month.  It has been so nice to spend some quality time with these girls.  It was more difficult in the past with Karen living in Langham and Arleen living up at Christopher Lake.  But now that we are all within a 45 minute drive of each other the get togethers have been plentiful.

Our next planned get together is in a couple of weeks to do a bit of Christmas baking.  We are planning to make some sort of rolled and cut cookies and decorate them.  It will be nice to spend a day together just baking and hanging out.  I have never had good luck with rolled/cut cookies so I hope to pick up some tips so that I could make them again in the future and not feel like pulling out my hair before they even get in the oven! 

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