Thursday, October 18, 2012

Glad that things worked out

You may remember this post from the summer when I had a client come to see me at home who made me feel pretty uncomfortable.  I would say that for at least two weeks after that I would get feeling anxious and get knots in my stomach when I thought about him calling back to rebook.  I went over and over and over and over in my head what I would say to him, if he were to call back.  Then for probably another couple of weeks after that I still felt anxious, but not quite as much, but I still practiced what I would say if he called.  He didn't call back, until today.

I had just walked in the door from running and errand and my cell phone rang.  I checked the call ID and it said 'private number' so I answered.  He identified himself by his first name, and I don't have any other clients with that name, so I asked him for his last name as well.  He said he wanted to book an appointment.  I said, "I have to say that the last time I treated you I felt uncomfortable, and I would prefer if you found a different therapist." He said "Oh, okay, no problem, sorry." And that was that.  I felt like it came out very naturally for me, and sounded professional, and he didn't seem too upset, maybe a little caught off guard.  I am thankful that he called at a time that I was available to answer my phone, because I think if I would have had to call him back, I would have been much more nervous and would have fretted about it quite a bit.  It worked out perfectly, and hopefully I will never see or hear from him again.

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