Sunday, June 10, 2012

Angie the Examiner

In February I went to Regina to take a course to learn how to be an examiner for the massage therapist association board exams.  This weekend was the first round of exams since my training and I was asked to work this afternoon.  It was definitely an interesting experience, and I believe that the more I do it....I don't want to say the easier it will get, but definitely will become more comfortable.

My role today was just to listen and write.  It was not too intimidating.  Today was a good reminder of how glad I am to be done this exam.  I know that I passed it eight years ago, and honestly am not sure I would pass it if I had to take it again.  I think I would do well on the treatment portion, but with the assessments, muscles and landmarking, I think I would struggle.  I could tell you the general area that you would find most muscles and landmarks, but after so many years it would be tough to remember all the specifics.  Though, that was one of my strong suits when I was in school. 

Looking at the nervousness of the candidates that I examined today, I am quite surprised thinking back to my own exam that I did not end up crying.  I am such a crier, especially when I am nervous and worked up.  I actually just looked back at the post I wrote the day after doing my board exams and at that time said they were a piece of cake.  My only concern at the time was the wording of some of the questions.  I really knew my stuff back then :)

I know that a person shouldn't feel bad as an examiner if someone fails.  It is our job, and the main purpose of the exams, to ensure that the therapist is safe to treat the public.  I know that there are times that nerves play a big role in people forgetting, but I would hope after two years of schooling with practical exams set up to look similar to this exam, they should be comfortable with the set up.  I hope I have the opportunity to work on the exams in August again so that I can get more comfortable with examining.  If not, the next opportunity will be in March of next year.   

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