Sunday, May 01, 2011

Ode to a running skirt

When I started running last year I saw some women out on the running paths wearing skirts.  At first I thought they looked silly.  I thought, why would you wear a skirt and not shorts.  After purchasing a pair of shorts to run in last summer, I realized that for women with drumstick-esque thighs, that shorts tend to rub together and ride up.  So as you run, the legs get shorter and shorter until there is no leg left to speak of between your legs.

A month or so ago when we went to Costco I saw that they had yoga/exercise skirts for $17.  I picked one up and didn't have a chance to try it out until today.  I donned my skirt and went for my 12km long run this afternoon.  At first I have to admit that I felt a little bit self conscious.  I thought maybe people are looking at me like I am silly, like I thought those other women last year looked silly.  Once I got over that idea, I realized that I liked it.  There was no rubbing together and it stayed put.  I like the length of it, and it even has a little zippered pocket for carrying a key or cell phone while you run.  I think I will likely wear this for the half marathon in June as it is comfy and cool. 

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