Monday, May 02, 2011


Ethan passed away last night.  Lisa had posted an update in Facebook last evening that Ethan was in critical condition due to the infection that he was fighting.  She said they had the option to stop medical intervention and let him go, or the doctors could try to change his central line to see if it would help.  They weren't ready to let him go, so they opted for the line change.  From what I heard when they tried to put him out for that procedure his little body decided that it had had enough.  After a valiant fight, little Ethan is gone. 

I cannot begin to fathom how tough this must be for Lisa and Shaun.  They have been through so much in the last year with their little man.  I was just thinking about all of the stuff Lisa's family has been through.  Lisa's mom passed away very suddenly about 8 years ago from necrotizing fascitis.  She was an amazing woman, and I have had some visions of her holding Ethan in heaven for the first time today.  I also know that Lisa's parents lost a child of their own before Lisa and her sister were born.  I was feeling sad today for Lisa's dad.  He has lost a daughter, a wife and a grandson. 

I believe that God knows what He's doing, but sometimes I wonder why some people have to go through so much pain in their lives.  I know that Ethan brought a lot of joy into everyone's lives, but why do babies have to get sick and die?  I know we live in a sinful, fallen world, and these are the consequences....suffering, disease, pain and death.  It doesn't make it easier though. 

I was also thinking today that Ethan's life was a miracle.  God brought him so far beyond what any medical doctor could explain......I don't know why God took him when he did, but I do trust that God has reasons for things that we cannot begin to understand.

Please say a prayer for Lisa, Shaun and their family as they begin to process this loss.  My heart aches for them, so sad :( 

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JT said...

It just isn't fair. I've said it before that babies just shouldn't be allowed to die. Although I don't know LIsa and Shaun, my heart is broken for them. I will continue to hold them in my prayers.