Saturday, December 04, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 16

I admit I am falling behind schedule here, but I suppose I have had some more important things to do work, and planning out our gingerbread house, and decorating for Christmas, and doing Christmas baking.

Your dream house...

Maybe people would assume that because we custom built a house three years ago that we live in our dream house. I have to say this isn't a dream house, it's a reality house. It's a nice enough house and I like it, a lot, but there are things that would just be awesome to have that we don't.

First of all I would love to have a beautiful large lot like you might find in the Montgomery neighbourhood of Saskatoon. Gorgeous half acre lots. It has a very small town feel, but it's in the city. I like that. Of course our large yard would come with a yard maintenance person to look after it for us and keep it perfectly manicured.

I would also include a three car garage. Not so much because we would have another vehicle, but that way Jay could go out without me having to back my car out of the garage. It's not a problem, but ideally it would be nice to have that extra space. And maybe if we made the garage even a bit bigger....4 car garage, Jay could use the extra space for a photography studio.

As much as I like most things about Saskatoon, the winters kind of suck. I would like for my dream house to be located in a climate that still has seasons that change, but maybe less extreme winters (minimal snow, just around Christmas time).

I do really like our kitchen in our house, but it would be nice to have a little more storage space. I would also consider putting in a separate cook-top and maybe a double oven mounted higher up so that maybe Jason could use it, and so I could cook and bake to my heart's content.

I think I would enjoy having a hot tub built into our deck as well with a lift so that Jason could get in and out with ease. And I guess snow wouldn't be an issue if we lived in the ideal climate location that I mentioned above, but I would possibly consider having some sort of sun room at the back of the house that has lots of windows and plants and put the hot tub in there.

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