Wednesday, November 24, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Days 7 and 8

Favorite Movies....

I have a hard time narrowing it down to just one or two movies. It really depends on my mood, but I will list some of my favorites....

The Sound of Music, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, X-Men Trilogy, The Little Mermaid, A Beautiful Mind, Sweet Home Alabama, Pretty Woman...

That is by no means an exhaustive list....but a few of my favorites.


A place I have traveled to....

I haven't done a lot of traveling in my life, but I have to say one of the most exciting places I ever went was to Minneapolis. I think it was so exciting because I was only 15 years old and it was with our church youth group. The church that I used to go to, their conference put on a youth conference in Minneapolis every few years. We went in 1996 and I went again in 1998. In 1996 it was my very first trip to the USA and it was with my best friends. It was super exciting!

Sure there were sessions we had to attend (honestly I don't remember much, except the guy who told us about Song of Songs and how he would read it to his wife and it was so romantic....blah blah blah, but at that age, it was just gross, haha). The biggest reason for the excitement over going was the Mall of America. It is a pretty huge mall, and with all the American stores that I had never seen before, such as Old Navy, it was a lot of fun. One particular memory of being in that mall is getting a bit turned around, so Karen and I kept wandering until we could smell Cinnabon and we knew we had been there before.

Another memory from Minneapolis is getting super hyper on Mellow Yellow. I have since learned that in the states they put a lot more caffeine in their pop, and are able to put it in their clear pop. Whereas in Canada they are not allowed to put caffeine in clear pop.

I recall that everyone who went to the conference had to sign up to do a service project. I, of course, chose the one with the least amount of possibility that I might have to talk to people I didn't know. I went to a place where they put together packages of food to send off to third world countries. They make these little ration baggies with rice, flavorings, beans...and I don't remember what else. It was a neat experience.

One more memory. When it was time to leave Minneapolis, we boarded a bus at midnight and drove back to Winnipeg overnight and arrived back there at 6 or 7am. The evening before we left we had played some group games, and for that, someone had written a big number on our hands so we knew which team we were on. When I was sleeping on the way back to Winnipeg, I had somehow gotten my hand under my face and ended up with a backwards number on my permanent marker.

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