Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Difficult People

I am a pretty laid back person. I go with the flow, don't try to make life difficult for other people. There are only a few things that really get under my skin....but that's not what this blog is about. This blog is about our trip to Genesis Restaurant for supper.

When you eat in at Genesis, most of the restaurant consists of booths but there are a few tables. Most of them are found in the 'lounge' area, but there is also a banquet type room for larger groups. We were seated in the 'lounge' since Jason is in a wheelchair and it's easier to sit at a table than a booth.

We were in there by ourselves for the first half of our meal, then a waitress came in and started filling water glasses at a large round table for a group of six that was waiting to be seated. I heard the waitress talking to another waitress about this group and how they were very cranky and weren't satisfied with anything. Just at that moment, the most cranky/know-it-all lady in the group poked her head in the door and said, "oh we can sit in the banquet room, you don't have to seat us here". To which the waitress said, "we have a big group coming in to use the banquet room, you can sit in here."

So the group was seated and Mrs. Know-It-All went on to tell the group about what was good on the menu and what was terrible. A good number of the things she thought were awful, were things we like, and the things she liked we didn't care for. Anyway, when it came time to order Mrs. Know-it-all was ordering for everyone and making modifications to the dishes, which is fine. But sometime after the waitress took their order, Grandma Know-it-all (another lady in the group) suddenly remembered that she had some sort of package of nuts in her purse that she wanted them to add to one of the dishes. So her granddaughter took the package up to the front of the restaurant and asked if they could add the nuts to the dish. She came back and told grandma-know-it-all that they couldn't do it. Then I over heard grandma-know-it-all say "Oh pish posh, they have been doing it for me for 20 years!!" And with that she grabbed the package from her granddaughter and marched up to the front desk and came back empty handed, so I assume that she complained enough that they agreed.

I am all for getting what you want when you go to a restaurant. But I am not a complainer, unless there is something really wrong with my food (ie if it's cold/burnt/has a foreign object in it/etc.) I am not likely to complain. But some people just like to be difficult. Listening to these people interact with each other and their waitress made me feel embarrassed. Also at some point when they were waiting for their food, the granddaughter (probably about 19 or 20 years old) decided she should show off her tattoos. One on her lower back and one on her side. Just didn't seem like the most appropriate place to be doing that. Oh well.....made for an entertaining supper. At least our food was good :)

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