Saturday, June 19, 2010

P90X - Day 60 results

Thursday was day 60! I can't believe how quickly the last two months have gone by. I had Jason take pictures of me on Thursday and one first glance I really didn't see any changes from day 30. However, once I got him to put them side by side I could see how much narrower my waist looks. It may not be as visible in the light of these pictures, but I also feel like I have a fair bit more shape in my shoulders, chest, back and arms. I feel so much stronger!

At one point, I believe it was before I started P90X, I said on Twitter that one of my goals in working out was to be in the best physical shape of my life. I honestly think I am there now. Not that I am in stellar shape (I still have a long ways to go), I think I am stronger and have more cardio vascular endurance than I did in high school phys ed (when I was 14 or 15 years old)! I went for a 6km run last night to help prepare for our relay next Saturday and I ran 6k (from the Broadway Bridge to the train bridge and back) in 38 minutes. That included two short (about 1 minute) walks. I would say that in my run yesterday that I felt pretty good until about 18 minutes (3km) in. Then I took my first walk and after that I started to feel a little fatigued. I ran for another 5 minutes then walked a minute and then I told myself that I HAD to run the rest and I did! I have to say that it is going to feel strange next Saturday to run without Kiwi. She has been a good running partner for me.


Robyn said...

HOLY CRAP!!!!! (in a good way)

Karen said...

hubba hubba