Sunday, May 09, 2010

Recovery week here I come!

Today was the end of my third week of P90X. It is going really well so far and I am really enjoying it. I like the variety this program offers, and I haven't gotten bored with it yet. The big selling point for this program, and why it apparently works in a period of 90 days is a concept called 'muscle confusion'. It keeps changing things up throughout the 90 days so that just as you might start to plateau you mix it up and do something different for a while.

This next week is my first 'recovery week'. For the first 3 weeks I did the same schedule of work outs and this week I do something completely different. In recovery week there are no days of resistance training. You focus more on stretching, yoga and cardio work outs. Tomorrow I will tackle Yoga in all it's 90 minute long goodness :P (I think 60 minutes would have been sufficient!). Then the next day is a work out called Core Synergistics which I have never tried. It focuses a lot on your core strength and looks like a pretty tough work out from what I have seen. The rest of the week will include a session of Kenpo (not Kempo like so many people on the Facebook P90X page like to call it :P), a session of X Stretch, and another yoga and another core synergistics.

From what I have read after switching it up for a week, then starting back into strength training the next week it feels like you are starting all over again because you took a break from it (though you still work hard during recovery week, it's not rest week like some people seem to think). The week after recovery week will incorporate a couple of new work outs. Instead of 'Chest and Back' and 'Shoulders and Arms' I will be doing 'Chest, Shoulders and Triceps' and 'Back and Biceps'. I have heard through the grapevine that 'Chest, Shoulders and Triceps' includes one arm and clapping/plyometric push ups. That ought to be fun. We will call that day "Watch Angie Fall on Her Face Day". Well I guess Chest and Back could already be that day since I have come close to falling on my face doing decline and dive bomber push ups.

I am definitely feeling firmer overall and I am starting to see more definition in my arm muscles. I am really curious to see what day 90 will look like for me :) I will get Jay to take some phase one/30 day photos of me next week so I can see if there is a visible improvement. There is no doubt that I do feel stronger and firmer though!

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