Monday, May 03, 2010

Achieving Goals

On Saturday I did a push up from my toes for the first time in my life. I tried to do another one and couldn't get back up. I had Jason watch me, to let me know if my form was good and he said it looked pretty good! Today was my Chest and Back work out and I did a ton of push ups (69 to be precise!), but after doing just one from my toes again I had to go to my knees for the rest. I really feel the burn doing push ups from my knees so I feel no shame in doing them that way. In the last month or so, once or twice a week I would try to do a push up from my toes. Just to see if I had that strength yet, and I would go down and strain and strain and not get back up. Saturday I tried, and I was able to get back up! Push ups from my toes was one of my goals I was hoping to achieve with P90X. Today was day 15. If that's the case hopefully by the end of 90 days I will be pounding out standard push ups like they are nothing!

Another goal I am pretty proud of is the improving flexibility in my hamstrings. I can now touch the ground when I bend over with straight knees. Definitely could not do that on January 1st of this year. I could also barely touch my toes when sitting with my legs straight out in front of me. Even with one leg bent and one I can get a good grasp on my toes. Still have a long way to go, but I might just get flexible yet!

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Carmen said...

P90X is such a killer workout - good for you!!!