Friday, May 14, 2010

An interesting development

Yesterday I got an email from our friend Stacey asking of I or anyone I know would be interested in participating in the Mogathon 30km relay in June. After reading up on it and being assured that I wouldn't have to run more than 6km I agreed that I would be interested, as long as Stacey didn't expect us to win, haha. I also asked my sister and she is also going to participate. The 30km course is broken up into five 6km segments. You need to have a team of 3-5 members and each member can run one or two segments of the course.

I have never run that far in my life. I am not a runner. But I decided that with my new found bit of physical fitness that I should be able to train myself to be able to run that distance in a reasonable amount of time. I have decided to do the Couch to 5K program starting in week three. I figure that I am not starting out as a couch potato so this way I should be able to finish the program by the end of June in time for the Mogathon. On the website for the Couch to 5K there are a series of podcasts with music that are timed to tell you when to run and when to walk. The way the C25K program works is that you start out running for a minute then walking for a minute and do that for about 20 minutes. Then each week you increase the amount of time you run and take shorter breaks. With this program you run three days/week. By the end of the 9 weeks you should be able to run 5km without stopping. I am just hoping to be able to do it without hurting myself. The muscles next to my shins (tibialis anterior) are pretty stiff today after going for a 5km jog/walk with Kiwi yesterday morning.

I think tomorrow I will try to go for another jog and I need to do the final work out in my P90X recovery week, Yoga X. I have to say it was....I can't quite call it easier.....maybe less challenging....this week than the previous weeks. There were things I was able to do that I haven't been able to up to this point. I am getting better at chaturanga as my triceps get stronger. My balance is a lot better, though still not anywhere near perfect. And I have to brag for a moment about my flexibility. When I spend a bit of time stretching I can almost put my hands flat on the ground with my legs straight when I bend over. Woohoo!

Sunday will bring my Phase 1 of P90X to a close and I will start into Phase 2. From what I read and have seen the bulk of a person's results seem to show up in phase 2 and phase 3, so I am excited to see what the next 60 days will bring. Stay tuned for my 30 day progress pictures coming soon!

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