Monday, May 17, 2010

P90X - 30 Day results

I started my first day of phase 2 today. Let me just say that if you thought Chest and Back was tough, just wait until you get to Chest, Shoulders and Triceps. OUCH! It is a rough one. It includes such wonderful things as one arm push ups, clapping push ups (I managed 7 from my knees!), tons of tricep exercises and lots of shoulder exercises. I think you do a total of 24 different exercises over the hour. I also got back to doing Ab Ripper this week after a week off last week (though the Yoga belly portion of the Yoga X and the Core Synergistics definitely kept my abs working last week!). Ab Ripper still felt challenging and I did what I could. For some reason I started to feel some heartburn during the mason twists at the end so I just quit after about 20 of them but felt like I gave a good overall effort so I am not concerned. I even got up this morning and did my 2nd couch to 5K run (week 3) and it went pretty well.

As promised here are my pictures from my first 30 days. I didn't do side by side pictures this time because the changes are very subtle in the pictures. My tummy is a little flatter, my arms definitely have more definition and my biceps are finally about the same size. In the numbers I was down 2lb to 138lb. I lost an inch off my bust, one and a half inches off my waist, half an inch of my hips and a quarter inch off each thigh. I actually gained some size in my left bicep and my right bicep, which was an inch smaller than my left a month ago is now about the same size as the left. According to the body fat calculator on I am down to 24% body fat from 29%. I don't know how accurate it is because it only looks at your age, weight and waist circumference but it at least lets me know that there is more going on than just 2lbs lost. Have definitely gained some muscle and burned some fat.

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