Sunday, April 11, 2010

If I may rant for a moment...

I have a cold. I feel pretty crappy. I just wanted to go to Walmart and get some cold pills to help me feel human enough that I might be able to do something productive with myself this weekend. I headed to Walmart this morning around 9:30 only to find out that it is now the law to lock up cold medications. I figured, okay, no problem I will just go talk to the pharmacist. Oh, no wait, the pharmacist doesn't get in until sometime AFTER 9:30am :P So I looked at my very limited options. Dayquil, Dristan...and well that was about it.

I grabbed some Dayquil and a couple of other small things we had been meaning to pick up for a few weeks and headed to the check out (I had three items). I went to the closest open til. Not sure why Walmart has eight dozen tils and only opens 3 of them (closest to the door, furthest away from the door and somewhere in the middle). Anyway, I went to the closest open til. The cashier had just finished helping someone and there was NO ONE behind me. She looked at me and said, "You only have three items, you should go to the express lane." I sort of blinked at her in shock and with my cold addled brain just walked away to the next til. I did not see any specifically marked express lanes (since they renovated to add the grocery section they appear to have gotten rid of the self checkouts that I usually go to). I went to the next til and she rung me through and I was on my way.

Considering Walmart is all but a 3 minute drive away from our house we don't shop there very often. Maybe once or twice a month for a couple of items that we forgot to pick up while grocery shopping. I think I could easily boycott Walmart and not feel bad about it in any way. I would not miss them.

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