Saturday, April 10, 2010

The countdown is on

I am hoping to start P90X in about a week. I bought it earlier this week from Walmart. I did pay full price for it, but at least I know it is a quality copy and not a pirated version for half price from Ebay or Kijiji. I also bought some heavier hand weights and today we bought a resistance band. I think I am ready to get started with it.

I was thinking all week that I would start with it this Sunday. I came down with a cold on Thursday so between that and knowing I will be away next weekend (going to Regina for a continuing education course), I decided that NEXT week will be my start. Since it is a 6 day/week program I figure if I start on a Sunday that Saturday will be my rest/stretch day which I like. I have been aiming to take Saturdays off in the last month or so since I have been trying to work out 6 days/week.

Since I bought P90X earlier this week I have sampled a few of the workouts. Today I tried Shoulders and Arms. I was pleased to realize that I will likely need to invest in a set of 10lb dumbbells and at some point might even need 15lbs! I guess I am just used to doing Jillian Michaels videos where it is all about a low weight (3 or 5lbs) but doing really high reps. P90X is more about doing 8-10 reps (if you want to gain mass) or 12-15 reps (to make more lean muscles) and you should be struggling to do the last 2 or 3 reps.

I also sampled Plyometrics this week. Wow! That is one intense workout. I think I realize why they call it the 'mother of all P90X workouts'. Phew. Tons of squats, lunges, jumping, jumping squats, jumping lunges, etc. Sweating buckets after that one. I only did about 3/4 of the workout and I ran out of steam and had to go to the cool down and call it a day.

I am planning to follow the Classic program which is intended for those who aren't looking to lose a ton of weight but just want to tone and get leaner. It incorporates three days of resistance training, two days of cardio (plyometrics and Kenpo karate) and a day of yoga. I am not intending to follow the nutrition plan to a tee. But I will definitely take the basic outline into account. I know I will need a good number of quality calories (lots of protein and complex carbohydrates) so I will aim to eat better than I do now. I am going to really cut down on or entirely eliminate diet pop from my life. I don't care to drink regular pop anymore, and I know that aspartame is pretty bad for you. I have also been trying to drink more water (aim for 2L/day).

A couple of weeks ago I saw this video and found it quite inspirational!

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