Wednesday, April 07, 2010

John Mayer Concert

Last night I went to my first 'rock' concert that I have gone to in MANY years. Back in December my sister and I got tickets to see John Mayer. I started to get a little excited for the concert yesterday, but by the time it started I was pretty pumped up. I didn't scream, because I am not a screamer at concerts. I think I learned my lesson back when I was about 12 at a Sawyer Brown concert and I could hardly talk because I screamed so hard.

It was a great concert! The opening act was awesome! It was Michael Franti and Spearhead. They have their first top 20 hit right now with Say Hey (I Love You). They are very reggae-ish music. I didn't know any of their songs but I was up on my feet clapping and dancing around (as much as I can dance, haha). At one point Michael Franti ran out into the audience, and not just the audience on the floor. He was up in the stands pulling people out of their seats to dance with him. He came up the aisle right next to us at one point and sang half a song just a few feet away from us. Then when they played their hit song he called all the kids to come up on stage with him. So there were probably about 15 or 20 kids up on stage dancing and singing along with him. It was really cool. I will definitely be investing in one of their CDs. I hope they make it. They seem very friendly and upbeat.

Then was John Mayer. I have liked his music since I first heard his song No Such Thing around 2001. I definitely have liked some of his albums and songs more than others, but in general I really like his music. He is a VERY talented guitar player. He did some awesome riffs during the concert last night. Though at times they got a little lengthy for my tastes, but he is a talented man. I also appreciate that he sounds almost identical in concert as he does on his albums. He has this tendency to make these weird faces when he is singing though. Our seats were far enough away that we couldn't really see his facial expressions, just a little guy up on stage. But after the first song they turned on a screen behind him that allowed the further away folks to see him better. Then you could see his facial expressions that my sister said reminded her a little of Jean Chretien. Still a great show and I knew every song he played and sang along to every song. It is fun when you know all the songs :)

The downfall of the concert, that came close to ruining it for my sister and I were the people sitting next to us. When the show started they went to get some beer, then were standing up, dancing with their beer cups, spilling beer all over the place. They went back to replenish their beer a number of times during the concert and by the end of the show were drunk. They were also obnoxious and were stepping on my sister's feet. Robin actually went to complain to someone about them but nothing was ever done. Then right at the end of the show, during the encore they lit up a joint. Thankfully the security guard saw it right away and took it away from them. I was thankful that my sister was standing between me and them, but it sure took away from the experience of the concert. I did enjoy myself though and I am really glad we went :)

I took a couple of pictures and a short video clip that I took last night. Nothing too exciting but I thought I would share them!

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