Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Do Wah Ditty Ditty Dum Ditty Do

I finally got started on my Christmas shopping, which makes me happy. I like buying gifts for people, if I know what to buy. Sometimes when I don't know what to get it stresses me out. Which seems to contradict what gift giving is about. It shouldn't be stressful!

I am thankful that in the last couple of years my Christmas shopping list has shrunk a bit. A couple of years ago my best girl friends and I decided to stop exchanging gifts. It seemed to get harder to think of something to get for them, and we decided we would much rather get together for a nice meal or just spend some time together. I don't know if it'll happen this year, with one just having had a new baby and recovering from surgery and the other has a crazy busy work schedule.

This year we decided at work not to buy each other gifts. There are only three of us where I work so it wasn't such a big deal to buy two gifts. But with some of us being on a tighter budget and again trying to find something relatively inexpensive and somewhat thoughtful, but usually just a gift for the sake of buying a gift.....anyway, this year we have decided we are just going to exchange some Christmas baking with each other and probably go out for supper together. (Beats last year's drinking shots in the back room between appointments, haha)

A few weeks ago a friend posted this video on Facebook and it really did make me think. I hope it'll make you think too.

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