Saturday, November 07, 2009

Get the Point Already!!!

On Saturday mornings I like to sleep in and laze around. When I do get up I usually spend some time hanging out in my pajamas before I go shower and get dressed and start my day. This morning was no different. Around 11am I was sitting in the kitchen reading some blogs on my laptop and eating some yogurt. Suddenly the doorbell rang. Because I am not comfortable answering the door in my little nighty, I made a dash for the bedroom to hide. However I could tell that the guy at the door had seen me through the frosted window in our front door. I figured if no one came to the door he would give up and move on. No, he proceeded to knock quite vigorously on the window. I started to wonder if it wasn't something really important so I started digging around in my closet for my bath robe. When I was putting it on the guy rang the doorbell again. I said to Jay, "If this isn't important I am going to be some ticked off!" As I was coming around the corner to open the front door, I saw the culprit, run across our front lawn to our neighbour's front door and then realized that it was a kid (maybe 12 or 13 years old) in a hockey jersey with a garbage bag. He was collecting pop bottles and cans. And that was really worth two door bell rings and a knock that sounded very serious. I am sure he saw me when I ran for the bedroom, but really, if someone doesn't answer the door, there is probably a good reason!!

I remember one time when I was in youth group and we went door to door collecting for the food bank. One door we went to it took the lady a long time to answer the door, and when she did, she was wrapped in a sheet (or possibly a blanket) and very little or nothing else. I am sure this kid did not want to see me in my little nighty :P

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