Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cranberry Flats

Jay and I decided that we couldn't just stay home today, quite possibly being the last +30C day of the year. We decided to go check out Cranberry Flats. Neither of us had ever been there before and we actually looked it up online on the Meewasin website to figure out where to go. According to the website there are 'wheelchair accessible trails'. We packed up the dog and headed out. When we got there (after missing one turn and nearly missing another because of poor signage), I was immediately concerned about their idea of 'accessible'. The path was gravel, which if it's packed hard enough can be navigated with a wheelchair. This wasn't too bad, but within a few feet of the parking lot there was a rather large pot hole, across most of the path. Jay managed to sort of go around it and we carried on until we came to a hill that just looked too rough and too steep for Jay to feel comfortable navigating. He decided to head back but told me to go on (if I wanted to) to at least see more than the bald prairie. I did go on a little further and came to a boardwalk and thought, hey this wouldn't be too bad for Jay, but then there was another steep portion that he wouldn't have been able to maneuver himself. Then came the stairs. I stopped and took this picture of Kiwi at the lookout point that would have been as far as Jay could have gone because of the stairs. It definitely wasn't worth the time, but I guess now we know that Cranberry Flats is not a place for Jay and I to go. I think Kiwi might enjoy walking there on a cooler day. As you can see her tongue was hanging out pretty far by the time we walked a the little ways we did.

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