Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Two Costcos? Haha Costcos

Last week I went to the nearest insurance place to get a package policy for the new car. When I was chatting with the young man who was telling me about the different packages to choose from he asked if I had heard about all the different stores that would be opening up in the Stonegate development in the next couple of years. I said, no please enlighten me. I wasn't sure how he knew these things so I was pretty skeptical. He said there will be a World Gym opening up in 2010 (which I knew about), ANOTHER Boston Pizza opening up near the World Gym (do we really need 5 of them in the city?!), then he said we were getting a second Earl's restaurant (not sure I believe it) and finally he said he had heard that Costco had bought some land out here and would be building in a couple of years. I have a hard time believing that, though I do think that Saskatoon could support two Costco stores (Calgary only has 2 Costcos!).

Sidenote: When I was in massage school I had a friend who would call Costco, Costco's. I corrected her once, and she seemed quite put out with me. So now Jason and I always call it Costco's and laugh.

Today I decided to look online and see what I could find. I went to the Smart Centres website and was pleased to see that we are indeed supposed to be getting an Earl's restaurant out here, right next to Tony Roma's. I was also interested to see that they are supposed to be building a Shoe Company store next to Golf Town. The Costco is still up in the air. However I read on the News Talk 650 website this morning that they will be expanding the Stonegate Walmart into a super centre by March of next year. So I guess that takes care of the problem of no grocery store out here. Though, honestly, I think I would rather drive a little further to avoid supporting Walmart. I think they will be handy for 'emergency' groceries, but definitely not day to day purchases.

I have to say I had no idea how many businesses would pop up around us out here. I sure appreciate having access to these stores though.

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