Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Perfect Meal

If I were going to have the perfect Chinese food meal I would have to go to a few different restaurants. It is a shame that we can't get all our favorite dishes at the same restaurant. Until recently our favorite Chinese restaurant was Genesis. We are always looking for good Chinese food that does not have MSG in it. Genesis does not use MSG. My sister and her husband also look for MSG free restaurants because my bro-in-law gets migraines. They recommended the Tsui King Lau restaurant for Mother's day and we quite enjoyed it.

I think my perfect Chinese/Asian meal would include:
ginger beef from the Tsui King Lau (TKL)
shanghai noodles from Genesis
Peking sweet and sour pork from Genesis
salad rolls (I haven't had any spectacular ones in Saskatoon, but have had some awesome ones at a couple of Vietnamese restaurants in Calgary)
Vegetarian or California sushi rolls from the Samurai

That would probably be enough food for one meal, haha. But I really like the ginger beef at TKL restaurant. They actually use nice tender beef and fry it up crispy and then the sauce is quite unique. Most ginger beef I have had at other places, the sauce was pretty much just a sweet and sour sauce with a bit of ginger in it and the beef is sort of chewy. This one is quite a bit different in my opinion. However I don't recommend the lemon chicken at TKL. My nephews love it, so we ordered it when we went there for mother's day. I am pretty sure they make their sauce with Sheriff brand lemon pie filling mix. That's what it tastes like. I love lemon pie, but not so much lemon pie with breaded fried chicken it.

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