Monday, August 24, 2009


That's how I have been feeling lately in regards to this blog. I just feel like the little snippets I have to say are not so interesting that someone might want to read them. Life has been going on. Nothing too terribly exciting in our lives.

I am enjoying the car a lot! I was rather disappointed that Jay was unable to get into the passenger seat when he tried on Saturday. It's not his fault, but we were both very much looking forward to me taking Jay for a ride, but a four door car just doesn't have the necessary room he needs to get in. I finally get a car with doors that open nice and wide but now the frame between the front and back doors is in the way. I wish I were a super woman and could just pick him up and throw him in the seat. But we would probably both end up on the ground. Me with a back strain and Jay with a bruised tailbone, or a concussion or something worse. I guess we'll just have to let Jay do the driving for the two of us.

My aunt had surgery the other day to remove a tumor from her colon. She was diagnosed with the tumor a few months ago and has gone through a round of radiation and chemotherapy. Next step was the surgery, and once she has healed up from that it's round two of chemo. This time it's a stronger dose so she will lose her hair and will probably be more sick than she was the first time around. The surgery was a success, they figure they got all the cancer removed, however they had to remove enough of her colon that she will have a colostomy bag for the rest of her life. She is in her mid 70s. Quite a life change but we are just all so glad the cancer had not spread further than it did.

Cancer is such a horrible disease. It scares the heck out of me and I know it runs in my family. My grandpa died of cancer and my dad's oldest sister died of cancer. Now the second oldest in my dad's family has cancer. I think of my dad who has smoked for at least 40 years, and at times probably close to two or three packs a day. I just can't imagine not quitting smoking with a track record like that in my family. But I have never smoked, I do not know how hard it is to quit. I am not going to live my life in fear of cancer, not going to go to what I would consider unnatural lengths to avoid it. But something as well known to be carcinogenic as cigarette smoke, I will do what I can to avoid.

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