Thursday, May 14, 2009


My absolute favorite yogurt is raspberry Activia. I am not sold on the whole 'probiotic' thing. I think all yogurts have bacteria in them that can help aid digestion. Anyway, I find Activia to be very creamy and smooth and tasty, even the fat free is very creamy and tasty.

I went to Safeway on Monday to get a couple of groceries and saw that yogurt was on sale, two for six dollars. Activia is usually about three fifty to four dollars for a container. I looked and all they had was vanilla and apple, muslix and nut. The apple one said it was a source of fibre, and I had never tried it, so I bought some. YUCK! I have eaten most of it, because I hate to let things go to waste. But it's apple flavored yogurt with bits of nuts, raisins, and granola maybe. I do enjoy mixing yogurt with granola, but I enjoy it when it's fresh, not when it was packaged a long time ago and the nuts and other stuff are soggy :P

You have been warned! Try the raspberry, stay away from the apple. Pear was pretty bad too. Vanilla, raspberry and strawberry, those are the kinds to try!

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