Monday, May 11, 2009

Hey buddy did you get a load of the nerd?

In February I was looking at getting Jason and I symphony tickets as a valentine's gift to ourselves. When I was looking at the ticketmaster website I stumbled across an event called Video Games Live. I checked out their website and thought it would be right up Jason's alley. I was going to surprise him with tickets, but I figured that I had better check with him, just to make sure he would like it. He thought it sounded great, so I bought tickets.

Last night was the concert. It was quite neat. A very different symphony experience. I think we were overdressed for the occasion as it was mostly nerdy guys wearing t shirts and jeans. They encouraged cheering and shouting during the concert which is not allowed at a symphony concert. I did enjoy it, even though I did not recognize about 90% of the music played. I think that Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros were the only ones I knew. Of course I had heard of Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft before, but never played them or heard their music.

The concert was sold out! I expected only a few people, but last night, Saskatoon's nerd population came out to enjoy a little culture. I told Jason that after being there and seeing all the nerds, that I am never allowed to call him a nerd again.

One of the highlights of the show for me was Martin Leung. He has become quite famous after he posted a video on youtube of himself playing the Super Mario Bros theme on the piano, while blindfolded. He now tours with Video Games Live! He did that last night, but also took off his blindfold and played some other songs as well. He is a very talented young man!!

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