Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Last week when I went to Safeway (the same trip when I bought the gross yogurt) we had run out of bread so I got some Safeway bakery bread. It is not my favorite bread, and I know that Jason doesn't like it. When I saw it there, I had to buy it because for all the years I can remember that is the bread that my grandparents bought. Most mornings when we stayed at grandma and grandpa's house it was toast for breakfast (unless grandma had bought us some Quaker Harvest Crunch cereal, YUM! or sometimes she would make us soft boiled eggs). Safeway bread is quite thin and makes very crunchy toast. I had some this morning and thought that it would be perfect if I had a little of grandma's rhubarb jam, or perhaps some crabapple jelly. I was so glad to get to visit grandpa a couple of weeks ago in Calgary, but there sure are times when I miss going to their house and being greeted by grandma "Hello my darling" with a hug and a smile. It is nice to have little memories, even if it is just a piece of toast with jam.

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