Sunday, May 10, 2009

I am not a parent

I don't feel that I have the right to judge people's parenting styles because I have never been in their shoes.

Can I ask the other parents who read this blog a question....

If your child does not respond or care about your forms of punishment is it not time to try something different? The only forms of discipline I can think of for a younger child is a time out, spanking, taking toys away......yeah, I am feeling a little short on options here.

So if you tell the child it is time for a time out, and they whine and cry and won't sit still, what is the next option? In my mind, possibly a spanking. I know that not all parents agree with that, but I know that not all kids respond the same to different forms of discipline.

I have one friend who has a young child. I have seen her put her child into a time out numerous times and it is quite efficient for her. She puts a chair in the corner and makes the child sit on until she stops crying, then the time out lasts for thirty seconds or maybe a minute and the child has learned its lesson. I should mention that this child is between one and two years old.

So what do you do when the child is old enough to start talking back when you put them in a time out? Maybe if you tell them the time out doesn't start until they are quiet. I don't think it works to yell at the child. Or make empty threats.....

Again, let me say I am not a parent. But I think I have learned some helpful hints if I ever am one.

I would appreciate any advice anyone has to give.

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