Thursday, March 19, 2009

Out of our hands

Kiwi is home :) She spent most of yesterday and today at the University vet clinic to prepare for and have three biopsies taken. She is mostly shaved on the lower half of her back, except for a black mohawk (a la Mr. T) right down the middle. In the notes they gave me when I picked her up it said that the lump on her left side is 7cm, the one on the right side is 5cm and the one on her back leg is 1cm. I hope she doesn't have the kind of cancer where they have to remove an additional 4cm of tissue around the tumour. I don't think there is that much Kiwi available to take... She did well though today and seems to be back to herself, albeit a somewhat dopier version.

It will be 5-7 days until we get the biopsy results back. There is nothing we can do but wait, pray and enjoy the time we have with our little poochie. It may be nothing, and I will whoop and holler for joy if that is the case. If it is something serious, well there is nothing we can do about it. Yes we will give our dog the treatment she needs, if it is going to be beneficial to her. But if it gets to a point where it is us holding on to a dog that we are too afraid to let go of, I am afraid we might just have to let go. I don't want to lose her, I really don't. But I don't want to psych myself up for a positive result then be devastated by something bad. I am trying to be realistic. I am doing my best to leave our sweet little Kiwi in God's hands :)

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