Thursday, March 19, 2009

I must be getting old....

Up until a year or two ago I NEVER had to get up at night to use the washroom. I worked at Impark for 8 hour shifts with only one bathroom break during the day. I pretty much had a bladder of steel. In the last year or so I have had to get up usually just once per night to use the washroom. We have an en suite bathroom and up until a week or so ago I would use that one. Often when I needed to go, I would stumble my way, half asleep, to the toilet and not even turn on any lights or anything.

About a week or so ago in the morning Jay said to me, "why did you get up and use the other bathroom (the one in the hallway) last night?". I said, "I didn't". He said, "yes you did, I was awake when yo got up, and you left the bedroom door open when you came back." Sure enough, the bedroom door was open and I hadn't flushed the toilet in the other bathroom. I had absolutely NO recollection of getting up. Since then I have gone into that bathroom to 'go' at night at least every other night or so. The last few times I have no recollection of going into that bathroom, but I usually regain some sort of awareness when I am either sitting down or when I turn on the light. So weird.

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