Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Here's what's goin' down

A few weeks ago I had mentioned that some major changes were going down at work. I wasn't able to talk about it then but I feel free to do so now. I found out a little over a month ago that the business where I work is being sold. There are three of us that work there, so it's a pretty big deal. Jan is retiring (she has owned the business for 18 years) and selling to Mieka.

Some people who I have told this to in the last month have asked why I didn't buy the business. Well for starters it wasn't offered to me, and I don't know that I would be interested in owning it. When you own a massage business, unless you charge outrageous rent to the people who work in your business, there is not really money to be made at it. The main benefit is to have more say in how the business is run. I can absolutely honestly say that I couldn't be happier that Mieka is taking over the business. I think that she has a good head for business things and I think it will be a real pleasure to work for/with her. So with Jan leaving the business there became an opening for someone new to come in. There were some interviews in the last few weeks and they were able to find a new girl, Michelle, who will be starting next week. When you have worked with the same people for the last three to four years you definitely develop a rhythm and understanding of how you like things done. I am sure that Michelle will catch on to things quickly, but there is always a learning curve with a new person. I am curious to see what will happen.

Mieka and I took Jan out for supper this evening just to let her know that we appreciate her and the business. She seemed very appreciative of our thanks :)

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