Tuesday, November 04, 2008

So Tired

I have found it especially hard to wake up in the mornings lately. This tends to happen to me every year at this time. The days are getting shorter and shorter and even though I am lucky enough to get to sleep in until 8am most days, it is still dark out now at 8am. You would think this transition from fall to winter would get easier after nearly 28 years of life in Saskatchewan. I am dreading the first real snowfall and learning to drive all over again. I am also dreading the fact that we still have another month and a half of days getting shorter before they start getting longer again. Why do I live in Saskatchewan?? I like it here, don't get me wrong. It just seems to get harder each year to get through winter. I think that is why most people start taking warm winter holidays when they get older. I think they are on to something there. Anyone wanna hop a plane to Florida, Hawaii, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, etc. with me??

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