Friday, October 31, 2008


We have a LOT of leftover mini chocolate bars. Good thing we are having people over tomorrow for a birthday gathering for Jay. Maybe they will eat them!! I would guess that we had around 30 kids come to our door this evening. We had purchased 250 bars, just in case. I am not the stingy type either, I would give each kid at least 3 or 4 chocolates. I would say we have at least one whole box of 125 left(I have eaten a lot myself...oink oink). I emptied about 15 packages of Reese's Pieces into the cake batter for the cake I made for Jay and we will see if they magically disappear like the ones did from Arleen's cake so many years ago. I would say the highlight of the day for me was getting a visit from a little garden gnome with a very creative mom (hence the picture). What a little sweetheart! :)

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