Monday, November 10, 2008

Did I go to the dentist or the day spa today?

I got a letter in the mail a few months ago saying that my dentist was retiring. I figured since he was retiring and I feel no real connection to that office that I would try out the new dentist office over by us. After Jay gave it a pretty good report earlier this fall when he went I decided I should book myself an appointment. I went today for a cleaning and checkup. When I got called in I sat down in the chair and the chair started to massage my back. It wasn't a great massage, but a massage nonetheless. Before she started cleaning my teeth, the hygienist asked if I would be interested in a complementary paraffin hand treatment while she cleaned my teeth. I said, sure thing! So I got to dip my hands in paraffin wax and she wrapped them up in plastic bags, then in mittens so they stayed warm and the wax softened my hands while my teeth were being cleaned. Then to top it all off there was a tv on the ceiling and I got to watch what I wanted with headphones on. It just happened to be Oprah and she had Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman on promoting their new movie Australia which I would like to see. It comes out later this month! The report from the dentist was that I have very good teeth, no cavities but that my gums are a little inflamed and that I should floss more regularily. I think the denist I saw was maybe a few years older than me and female. It's strange, I have always had the same dentist my whole life and he was an older man. I think I will appreciate having a young female dentist.

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